In this article, we will talk about the Rani Rashmoni Family Tree and some lesser-known facts about the members and their achievements with rise and fall of the Rashmoni family through their illustrious history. The Rashmoni family has been a fixture of Indian society for generations.

Their great empire has been built on the backs of countless generations. However, all empires must fall and it is their time to meet with history’s judgment day.

Rani Rashmoni



Rani Rashmoni Family Tree

Rani Rashmoni, a well-known personality in the West Bengal state who leads a life as a women leader. Rani was a social reformer and philanthropist. She was the daughter of Sh. Harekrishna Das and Smt. Rampriya Devi and was born on 24th September 1793 at Kona village.

She was the first Indian woman to travel unaccompanied by her husband on a long journey outside of India.

Rani Rashmoni is one of our most well-known women who has contributed greatly to the history of this country. She will always be remembered by everyone around the world for her actions, but also how she has changed society as we know it today.

Little did she know that this decision would teach her to become the strong woman she was. Rani has captured Bengali imagination like no other woman before or after her time.

Rani Rashmoni Family Tree

Sh. Harekrishna Das

He was a laborer. He was a man of the soil and he worked tirelessly to provide for his family. His work ethic has been passed down through generations as we see Rani Rashmoni grow up into an extremely hard-working woman who would go on to change society forever with her actions.

Smt. Rampriya Devi

She was also an example of an ideal mother. But Rampriya Devi died when the age of Rani Rasmoni was just seven. Rani was deeply affected by the loss of her mother and even more when she learned that it would be impossible to go back in time.

Babu Rajachandra Das

At the age of eleven, she married Zamindar of Janbazar Raj Chandra das. After the death of her husband, she had to be involved in various financial matters of their family and donated money for various tasks.

Rani Rashmoni is a prime example of how one person can have such a great impact on the world. She will forever be remembered as being someone who fought for what she believed in and never backed down from a challenge.

Rani Rashmoni daughters

The four beautiful princesses are

  • Padmamoni Das
  • Kumari Chowdhury
  • Karunamoyee Biswas
  • Jagadamba Biswas.

Karunamoyee died after 2 years of marriage with her husband Mathuramohan Biswas. After the permission of Rani Rashmoni, another daughter Jagadamba married Mathuramohan Biswas. When it became clear that Mathurmohan was becoming more and more involved with daily tasks for the family business, he began working on various family business activities.

Mathuramohan Biswas

As for Rashmoni, she has one true son that she never had biologically – this son is Mathura Mohan!

Rani Rashmoni Achievements

Rashmoni was a very pious Hindu woman. She is now dead, but her memory lives on! She greeted the visitors with joy beaming from her eyes and never turned away anyone who came to her with love in their hearts.

  • Rani Rashmoni, founder of Dakshineswar Kali Temple in West Bengal. Dakshineswar Temple is a place of pilgrimage for Hindus in West Bengal.

Rani Rashmoni - Dakshineswar Kali Temple

  • The Queen also made it possible for people to travel between Subarnarekha and Puri.
  • She constructed this road by collecting donations from various rulers of India. Babughat, Ahiritola ghat & Nimtala ghat all are remarkable creations by Rani Rashmoni.
  • She also donated to the Imperial library, also known as the National Library of India. Her charity work includes funding Hindu College and other educational institutions of Kolkata.
  • She is also known as being the founder of Dakshineswar Kali Temple, one of our most popular places in Kolkata city.
  • She was a revolutionary in more than one sense of the word.
  • She became involved with the English East India Company which never be forgotten.
  • Rani Rashmoni is also known as  Lokmata for her contribution to society.

The rise and fall of this family have been marked by many changes. Their empire went from a great standing to being known as a family that will forever be remembered for their contributions and actions in society today. She is widely known for being one of the most influential women during that time period in India’s history.

People from all over the world still remember her today.  She blessed a lot of people and did an incredible amount to be able to open up doors for women everywhere! Rani Rashmoni is one woman who stands out in history because she was not afraid to do what it took to get the job done. She was able to make a difference in the game of politics and change how people took hold of power during her time!

We hope you have learned a lot about Rani Rashmoni family tree and do let us know if you know any facts about her.

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