Who is Neeraj Walia? ezsnippet Viral Coder Memer

Are you a fan of Neeraj Bhaiya aka Ezsnippet? Neeraj Walia, a YouTuber renowned for his coding tutorials, effectively utilizes his Instagram platform to engage a diverse audience. His transition from a memer to a digital educator highlights his adaptability and passion for technology. On Instagram, he offers a blend of educational content and personal insights, making coding accessible to a wider audience.

His approach to teaching is practical and responsive, focusing on solving real-world problems and answering common questions from his followers. This practicality, combined with a down-to-earth communication style, distinguishes Ezsnippet in the online tech education community. In this article, I will share more about Neeraj work and social media handles in one place.

Neeraj Walia Biography

Neeraj is a Youtuber, who is passionate for coding he uses meme templates and then turns them into coding lessons. He was born on October 10 1998. He started his Youtube channel Jul 19, 2023 and now have around 30K subscribers and have more than 2 million followers on Instagram. Ezsnippet is a Full Stack Developer proficient in technologies like JavaScript, React.js, Node.js, Express.js, CSS, and Next.js. Specializing in creating user-friendly interfaces and building RESTful APIs, he excels in bringing digital products to life, particularly for small and medium-sized businesses.

With a focus on detail and quality, he also serves as a technical lead and project manager, overseeing projects from start to finish. His approach combines technical expertise with a commitment to delivering scalable, performant, reliable, and intuitive digital solutions.


Ezsnippet is 26 years old as of 2024.


Neeraj Walia aka Ezsnippet is 5.10.

Ezsnippet Portfolio

ez-snippet.vercel.app The personal website of Ezsnippet showcases his extensive skills and projects. He has a deep understanding of both frontend and backend development, with expertise in technologies such as HTML, CSS, Tailwind, JavaScript, TypeScript, React Js, Next Js 13, Node Js, Express Js, and more.

His portfolio includes advanced projects like a Discord Clone, Spotify Clone, and an Amazon Clone, highlighting his ability to work with complex web technologies. Additionally, Ezsnippet is skilled in DevOps tools like Docker, Kubernetes, and AWS, and has experience with Web3 technologies. This combination of skills underscores his capability as a full-stack developer and tech educator.

Ezsnippet Github

His GitHub profile showcases his focus on improving cloud-based solutions and microservices architecture. He is currently working on full-stack projects and is keen on collaborating in this domain. His profile reflects his love for creating content and a strong involvement in a diverse range of technologies. For a more detailed view of his work and contributions, you can visit his GitHub profile.

Ezsnippet DSA Roadmap


ezsnippet Salary

In the podcast with Fraz he relieved his income at 12 LPA and working for yellow.ai

ezsnippet Social Media Profiles




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