Allu Arjun Family Tree: Father, Mother, Wife, Brother, Photos

This article is about Allu Arjun family tree, father, mother, wife, brother.

Allu Arjun is one of the most popular actors in Telugu cinema. He has a huge fan following, and people are always curious to know more about him. In this blog, we will take a closer look at his family. We will explore his wife’s name and profession and the names of his children, father, and mother. Stay tuned for more information on Allu Arjun’s family!

About Allu

Allu Arjun is a well-known South Film Industry(Tollywood) film star. Allu Arjun is a South Indian film actor born on April 8, 1982. He is worked in many movies and given mind-blowing performances. He made his debut in 1985 when he was three years old as a child artist. He was born in a Telugu family, and his father, Allu Aravind, is a film producer who has been producing films for a long time. His mother’s name is Nirmala she also produces films along with his father. Allu Arjun spent his childhood in Chennai, and later his family shifted to Hyderabad when he was a teenager.


Allu Arjun Family Tree

Allu Arjun comes from a very well-known family in Tollywood. His family has many actors, producers, and directors in the Telegu Film industry.

Allu Arjun Grandfather Allu Ramalingaiah

Allu Arjun Grandfather - Allu Ramalingaiah

Allu Konidela Grandfather, “Allu Ramalingaiah,” was also an Actor who used to play a Comedian role in the film. He has done more than 1000 movies in his career. Allu Ramalingaiah has four Children named “Allu Aravind, Suresh Konidala, Vasantha Lakshmi, and Nava Bharathi” rest stay away from the spotlight. Only Allu Arjun’s father came into the industry.

Allu Arjun Father – Allu Aravind

Allu Arjun Father - Allu Aravind

Allu Aravind is a film producer and a distributor in Telegu film Industry. He mostly produces films under his production house named Geetha Arts. He also co-owns an Indian super league club named Kerela Blaster FC.

Allu Arjun Mother – Nirmala Allu

Allu Arjun Mother - Nirmala Allu

Allu Arjun Mother Nirmala Allu gave birth to three sons 1:Allu Venkatesh oldest son. 2:Allu Arjun and 3:Allu Sirish, the youngest one. Her mother was a superstar in films. However, she never wanted to be a part of the glamour. Over time it comes to attention that Allu Arjun is close to his Mother than his father.

Allu Arjun Brothers

Allu Venkatesh

Allu Arjun Brother - Allu Venkatesh

he is the Oldest son in the Family, and his nickname is “Bobby,” which his family members or very close ones call him. He is the owner of Cinematica Digitals Pvt Ltd. Venketash has two spouses Neelima Bandi(2005-2016) marriage period. Neela Shah married in 2019.

Allu Sirish

Allu Arjun Brother - Allu Sirish

Allu Sirish is the youngest brother of all three brothers. He is also an actor, and he did id first film as a child artist in 1990, a Bollywood movie named Pratibandh. he was featured with stars like Rami Reddy and Juhi Chawla. He did his Lead role debut in 2013 opposite Yami Gautam “Gouravam” Prakash Raj was also in the movie playing Villain.

Allu Arjun Wife – Sneha Reddy

Allu Arjun Wife - Sneha Reddy

Sneha Reddy Allu Arjun got married to Allu Arjun in March 2011. She is a Career counselor and a Business woman and an Indian Editor with SPECTRUM Magazine . she also holds charge of the Placement dept of S.I.T. the Couple Gave Birth to a beautiful son on the 4th of April 2014 and named him “Allu Ayaan” and have a Daughter “Allu Arha” 2016.

Allu Arjun Children

Allu Arjun Children

Allu Arjun has two children, Allu Ayaan and  Allu Arha.

Allu Arjun Family Photos

Allu Arjun Family Photo

Allu Arjun’s family and Other Celebrity connections

Many Tollywood celebrities, such as Chiranjivi, who is married to Allu Arjun’s Aunt ‘ Surekha Konidala,’ Nagendra Babu, and Pawan Kalyan, all his uncles. Chiranjivi’s son Ram Charan is also a huge star in Tollywood. They both have done a film together named” Yevadu.”

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